Accommodation Marketing Images

Rachel had contacted me in desperate need of updated images of their amazing accommodation, Falcon's Nest, situated on the family farm near Paengaroa, so, quick smart I organised a lovely couple, Ngahuia & James to come along and model for us.

Rachel organised Kate from Soul Sisters Retreats to come along and work her massage and healing magic and also got Kirsten from Share Kitchen to create a magnificent platter of deliciousness for us.

I took my drone along and put that up a couple of times for a wider view & different perspective also, definitely an investment I am happy I made.

I spent around 3 hours photographing (and chatting and laughing), we got lovely Winter afternoon light, merging into a gorgeous golden hour and sunset and we finished by toasting some marshmallows in the firepit.... can you believe I do this as an actual job?!?